• Increases Digestive Enzymes

    Ensures efficient breakdown of foods and absorption of nutrients.

  • Eases Gas and Pain

    Provides an instant calming effect on digestion.

  • Anti-inflammatory

    Reduces sensitivity to foods.

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The Conscious Sipper

Conscious sippers are strong believers of an 80/20 lifestyle. They are not afraid of the foods they love because to them—indulgence is synonymous with self-care and a heightened connection to their life experience.

They live in the moment without fear of a setback because they are consistent with the rituals they trust to stay balanced.

They are health-minded and invest in the modern wellness market to feel good but also opt for whole foods and simple acts of self-care as equally weighted parts in their routine.

Incorporating REST + DIGEST tea into their daily routine has transformed them from bloated and confused to confident and clear.

Become a Conscious Sipper

Not sure which REST + DIGEST protocol is right for you?

  • JAMIE B.

    “After committing to Rest + Digest for 30 days I can honestly say it was life changing. I drink a cup every night before bed and my bloating has never been better. I feel and SEE a difference. If you’re lucky enough to see Dr. Stolberg in person you know the powers she possess, and she’s figured out how to bottle a bit of it into these little magic herbal bags. It just better not be sold out when I go to re-up.”

  • TINX

    "I am completely obsessed with this tea. From the first time I drank it I knew it was gonna be an integral part of my bedtime routine. Its delicious and helps me de puff."

  • MILES M.

    “Rest + Digest tea is truly a game changer for me. Dr Stolberg prescribed it to me when I was having digestion problems that caused bloating and discomfort to the point where I was having trouble sleeping. Using a combination of the tea with acupuncture she has me feeling a thousand times better. Now that i don’t have that problem the tea keeps me level whenever I’m traveling or have a big meal and always feel comforted by the taste. It’s a powerful main stay in my health tool box.”


    “Obsessed with Rest + Digest! I have been dealing with bloat for months and have been feeling a huge difference ever since I started to drink Dr. Stolberg’s Rest + Digest tea. I drink it at night after my last meal and love how it’s now a part of my night routine. I also have been taking it with me when I travel. It is truly the best that I even got my hubby addicted to it!”


    “This tea is the best and such a blessing!! My entire system is a bit sensitive to new things but from the start this tea has been very gentle and really effective to help with all things digestion. It’s really good for helping with bloating after a heavy meal and I have also noticed it to help with constipation at times. Highly recommend having this tea on hand always!”

  • ALEXA M.

    “Dr. Stolberg’s Rest + Digest tea has changed my life!! The savory herb blend works so much faster and better than tums, not to mention it’s soothing and delicious. If you have a sensitive stomach, you should have this blend at arm’s reach 24/7! This will be the best holistic addition to your medicine cabinet.”

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