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Make a cup after an indulgent meal or turn it into a nightly ritual to keep your digestion on track.

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Includes 1 bag of REST + DIGEST tea, containing 30 individual single serving tea bags. 

REST + DIGEST tea is a proprietary Chinese Herbal Tea for bloating, gas, or a full feeling caused by meals. Made with natural herbs and traditional ingredients, it helps reduce digestive issues in a safe and reliable way. Try it and enjoy bloating relief!

Protocol Instructions

Place tea bag in 8-12 oz of hot water. Steep 10 minutes, until golden.

Mild Protocol: Drink 1 cup daily for 30 days following your biggest meal for a gut reset. 

Moderate Protocol: Drink 2 cups daily for 30 days (1 upon waking and 1 before bed) for a gut reset.

Severe Protocol: Drink 2 cups daily for 60 days (1 upon waking and 1 before bed) for a gut reset.

Safe to continue drinking daily to optimize digestion and prevent bloating or simply as needed following big dinners out, during travel or to reset from a cheat meal.


REST + DIGEST is a proprietary blend. Contains organic coriander and cumin.


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Our proprietary blend of herbs works to:

  • Reduce bloating

  • Calm pain, gas and heartburn

  • Stimulate digestive enzymes